College friends 😊 (cto)

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Sad girls smoke a lot

I’m sick of feeling like i’m not good enough.

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Bwisit na Christian Guzman, hindi ka pa nagsasawang mag-gm!???? Nagpalit na nga akong number para lang sa mga gm gm na yan. Ef you!!!!

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Aminin mo, isa sa pinakamalaking kabobohan mo ay yung alam mong maraming may gusto sa’yo pero nagagawa mo pa rin maghintay sa pinakamanhid na tao.

Yung di mo alam na feeling pero alam mong masakit.

May timing lahat ng bagay.


Minsan kahit gusto mo siya at gusto ka niya, kung wala kayo sa timing, hindi uubra ‘yan.

"Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness."
- Ayn Rand (via feellng)

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I feel so unwanted all the time. You know that feeling? That feeling wherever you will go, it seems like i’m not existing. And when i say i am not existing, it’s like i am just a wind that they cannot see, no matter how i touch their skin through my presence, they still can’t see me. They still cannot appreciate how i touched their lives. It’s like i have a disease that once i touch them, they might die in any minute. I feel like everyone hates me and i don’t know why. They don’t like me and i can’t see any reason why. You know, i am nice to everyone. I don’t know why it seems that everyone despise me this much. I mean, am i that really bad into their eyes? Am i not really that worth to be appreciated nor to notice? Am i really that hard to like or to love? I don’t know what’s wrong with me or is there any thing about me that they can’t like. I am unwanted and they hate me. Everyone hates me. I feel like, my life is such a big mistake.


Do not wish to be like me. Because you still don’t know me. I mean, the real me. If you’re going to know me, it will take you forever. You still don’t know how complicated i am. I am so hard to deal with. There are times that i hate myself because of the stupid things i am doing. I tend to hurt people without knowing it. I am worst and sometimes i am a walking disaster. I am sure if you know everything about me, you wouldn’t want to be me if you’re me.


I wish feelings can also be deleted just like how easy for us to delete a message on our inbox. And with that, we can still save ourselves from getting hurt in the end. I hope there’s a delete button in our heart just to delete someone we want to forget.